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                    1. Download CD Covers

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                      Top 10 New Albums

                      Sam Hunt - SOUTHSIDE  artworkArtist: SOUTHSIDE CD Cover
                      Album: Sam Hunt
                      Genre: Country
                      All Time Low - Wake Up, Sunshine  artworkArtist: Wake Up, Sunshine CD Cover
                      Album: All Time Low
                      Genre: Alternative
                      Red - Declaration  artworkArtist: Declaration CD Cover
                      Album: Red
                      Genre: Rock
                      Ashley McBryde - Never Will  artworkArtist: Never Will CD Cover
                      Album: Ashley McBryde
                      Genre: Country
                      August Burns Red - Guardians  artworkArtist: Guardians CD Cover
                      Album: August Burns Red
                      Genre: Heavy Metal
                      Phish - Sigma Oasis  artworkArtist: Sigma Oasis CD Cover
                      Album: Phish
                      Genre: Rock
                      Testament - Titans of Creation  artworkArtist: Titans of Creation CD Cover
                      Album: Testament
                      Genre: Heavy Metal
                      Rod Wave - Pray 4 Love  artworkArtist: Pray 4 Love CD Cover
                      Album: Rod Wave
                      Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
                      Thundercat - It Is What It Is  artworkArtist: It Is What It Is CD Cover
                      Album: Thundercat
                      Genre: R&B/Soul
                      Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia  artworkArtist: Future Nostalgia CD Cover
                      Album: Dua Lipa
                      Genre: Pop
                      Pearl Jam - Gigaton  artworkArtist: Gigaton CD Cover
                      Album: Pearl Jam
                      Genre: Rock
                      Purity Ring - WOMB  artworkArtist: WOMB CD Cover
                      Album: Purity Ring
                      Genre: Electronic
                      Kiana Ledé - KIKI  artworkArtist: KIKI CD Cover
                      Album: Kiana Ledé
                      Genre: R&B/Soul
                      5 Seconds of Summer - CALM  artworkArtist: CALM CD Cover
                      Album: 5 Seconds of Summer
                      Genre: Pop
                      Ben Platt - Sing to Me Instead  artworkArtist: Sing to Me Instead CD Cover
                      Album: Ben Platt
                      Genre: Pop
                      The Weeknd - After Hours (Deluxe)  artworkArtist: After Hours (Deluxe) CD Cover
                      Album: The Weeknd
                      Genre: R&B/Soul
                      Thievery Corporation - Symphonik  artworkArtist: Symphonik CD Cover
                      Album: Thievery Corporation
                      Genre: Electronic
                      Joyner Lucas - ADHD  artworkArtist: ADHD CD Cover
                      Album: Joyner Lucas
                      Genre: Rap
                      Various Artists - Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)  artworkArtist: Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD Cover
                      Album: Various Artists
                      Genre: Soundtrack
                      Bill Withers - Live At Carnegie Hall  artworkArtist: Live At Carnegie Hall CD Cover
                      Album: Bill Withers
                      Genre: R&B/Soul

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